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Connecticut School Shooting

A shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., and a home in town left 28 people dead — including 20 children — according to law enforcement sources. The gunman has been identified as 20-year-old Adam Lanza, who killed himself.

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NEWTOWN, CT – They’re back in school, but it’s really a new town in Connecticut.  5400 students had Monday off, while teachers and administrators trained on how to handle the elementary school slaughter. Now it all goes into practice.

Only Sandy Hook Elementary School is still closed. It will be an active crime scene for a while. Eventually students will resume their year in a neighboring town’s middle school. But in the meantime, there are funerals.

On Monday, five year old Noah Pozner was laid to rest. Cards from his loved ones surrounded him, including one from a young cousin in Seattle. JetBlue rushed it in.

On the heels of all this, guns are in a new light. Dicks Sporting Goods and Walmart are scaling back sales and pulling some semi-automatics from shelves, with seemingly no resistance from the National Rifle Association.

For their part, the NRA has been completely quiet. Even the group’s Facebook page is down and their Twitter feed is silent.

KATY, TX – For one local teacher, the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary hits close to home.

Kristen Polakow is a science teacher at Katy ISD’s Cardiff Junior High.

Her college roommate, Victoria Soto, was a first grade teacher at Sandy Hook who lost her life while protecting her students.

To honor of Victoria Soto, Kristen’s collecting money this week to donate to an education fund and Soto’s family.

If you’re interested in helping, donations can be dropped off at the Cardiff Junior High front office.

Victoria Soto is being called a hero for her brave actions to help keep her children safe.

NEWTOWN, CT – People across the country continue to try to make sense of what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut last Friday, and today we’re learning about the little souls that alleged shooter, Adam Lanza, robbed from humanity.

Two of the 20 families were the first to say their goodbyes today. 6-year-old Jack Pinto, a hardcore New York Giants Fan who may be buried in the jersey of his favorite player, Victor Cruz, and 6-year-old Noah Pozner, who’s described as a kid who liked to figure out how things worked mechanically. Both boys were laid to rest Monday.

Three days after the worst grade-school shooting in American history, parents everywhere, including Houston, had to prepare their students for the first day back at school. Governor Rick Perry reminded every Texas district about the importance of being “…equipped and ready to carry out a strategic plan to secure the safety of students and staff in the event of a threat…” in the wake of the shooting.

While preparations important, police officers from the Houston Independent School District took some time to remind parents and students of what they already do to keep our schools safe. Steps including regular drills, intruder drills and post-drill inspections by a unit within the police department.

Dr. Patricia Weger offered advice to ease concerns of parents and students, suggesting parents do more listening than talking. Enter the conversation non-judgmentally, with a calm face and keep a student’s age in mind when describing what happened in Connecticut.

Because sometimes, the hardest lessons of all are the ones without an explanation!

Guess this proves there’s no rest for the wicked!

The world is still reeling from the effects of Friday’s tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

As people gathered for noon mass at St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church in Newton, Connecticut, it appears even they couldn’t catch a break.

A threat was phone in to the church, which sits about a mile away from Sandy Hook Elementary School. The priest claims the voice on the other end of the line said, “I’m coming to kill, I”m coming to kill.”

A SWAT team arrived as members of the church evacuated. Shortly thereafter, police gave the all clear. Fortunately, no on was hurt though probably shaken up to say the least.

Get this, reports say that the shooter, Adam Lanza and his mother used to attend this church. There’s more. Indiana police say 60-year-old Von I. Meyer threatened to set his wife on fire after she fell asleep early Friday morning. According to police, Meyer says he planned to go to a nearby Elementary School and kill as many people as he cold before the police could stop him.

HOUSTON, TX – Sandy Hook Elementary school is about 1,700 miles from Houston, but when you hear about a crazed gunman walking into a kindergarten class and killing innocent children in Newtown, Connecticut and it hits close to home no matter where you live.

Parents on the southwest side of town, near Briargrove Elementary, felt the same way parents across the country feel. They were shocked, confused, and a shared in a communal sense of overwhelming grief.

Kids are supposed to feel safe in school and learn about great things. Now, parents have to try teaching their kids about how some things just don’t make sense!

NEWTOWN, CT – It’s one of those awful things all of us will remember where we were when we first heard about it.

A gunman opened fire at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. Reports say nearly 30 people were killed, with many of the victims being children.

The shooter was identified as Adam Lanza. Authorities say Lanza’s mom was a kindergarten teacher at the school. She was reportedly killed at the school along with many students.

It’s 12 days before Christmas and this week has changed the national psyche. It started with the mass shooting in that Portland, Oregon mall and now today.

A young girl is cradled following a fatal shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. (John Woike, Hartford Courant / December 14, 2012 )

A young girl is cradled following a fatal shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. (John Woike, Hartford Courant / December 14, 2012 )

President Obama ordered flags at half-staff today in wake of today’s tragedy. You can only imagine how many parents everywhere are holding their kids a bit tighter right now, and thinking about those parents in Connecticut who can’t hold theirs.