Dumbass of the Day

Utah woman tries burning down boyfriend’s house with bacon

NAPLES, UT – How do you like your bacon? If you’re 31-year-old Cameo Crispi, you like it extra crispy! Utah police say Cameo got in a fight with her boyfriend, so she plotted a plan for revenge—to burn down his house with bacon.

Officers went to the guy’s house after he called them and told them he suspected Cameo was there without permission. Turns out she was. Officers say smoke was pouring out the front door. Cameo had put a ball of bacon on the stove and turned it on high. Police also found Cameo inside drunk. Officers turned off the stove and arrested Cameo.

Doesn’t she know Bacon is for eating not arson?!

That’s how Cameo became our Dumbass of the Day!


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