Hilton, Marriott, Sheraton & Westin hotels hacked

HOUSTON, TX – Picking a hotel can be a bit tricky these days, because there’s always a chance you pick the wrong hotel.

Noisy guests and a good view could be the least of your concerns if you happened to stay in a Marriott, Hilton, Sheraton or Westin hotel in 2013.

White Lodging, the company that maintains franchises for those four hotels, may have had customers’ payment information stolen by hackers.

A security researcher says White Lodging fell victim to a major cyber-attack and banking sources noticed fraud among hundreds of cards used at Marriott hotels last year.

Marriott International released a statement saying:

“One of our franchise management companies has experienced unusual fraud patterns in connection with its systems that process credit card transactions at a number of hotels across a range of brands, including some Marriott-branded hotels.  They are in the midst of the investigation and are in close contact with the banks and credit cards companies. We are working closely with the franchise management company as they investigate the matter.  Because the suspected breach did not impact any systems that Marriott owns or controls, we do not have additional information to provide.  Since this impacts customers of Marriott properties, we want to provide assurance that Marriott has a long-standing commitment to protect the privacy of the personal information that our guests entrust to us, and we will continue to monitor the situation closely.”

Hilton Worldwide also released a statement about the alleged hacks:

“Hilton Worldwide is strongly committed to the protection and privacy of our guests’ personal information. White Lodging, which franchises hotels for several brands including some within Hilton Worldwide’s portfolio, is investigating potential fraud on their IT systems that process credit card transactions.  White Lodging has advised us that none of their hotels franchised with a Hilton Worldwide brand have been affected, since these hotels are connected to different IT systems.  Additionally, Hilton Worldwide is investigating the matter, and our findings have also indicated that none of these hotels have been affected.”

Better safe than sorry, however. So if you stayed in one of the hotels check your bank statements. Unlike the Hotel California, your credit card information should leave when you do!


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