Holiday Last Minute Shopping Sales Down

Holiday spending down this yearHOUSTON -Twas the night before Christmas and all through the town, the store-fronts were bustling but the figures were down. The bargains were set and the prices were low, with hopes that the shoppers would shell out the dough. But despite all the deals the research has found:

Houstonian Ladarian Charles: “We’d like to buy more things but as of right now, the stock market’s down.”

Sales have been tumbling three weeks in a row, falling like ice in a wind-driven snow. One-percent, two-percent, three-percent, more. As less and less shoppers show up at the store.
And the reason behind it, shoppers confess:

Houston shopper Tracy McPherson: “We’re buying as much, but spending much less.”

Another excuse for the store-front decline:

Ladarian Charles: “I mean, honestly, I do most of my shopping on-line.”

Internet shopping is where most customers went, bringing sales at the mall down twenty-percent. But a last-minute rush, retailers agree, could make up the difference in 2013. If just enough shoppers show up christmas eve, it could give the box stores a welcomed reprieve.

It takes just a few to show up and say:

Houstonian Dennis Hayden – “I’ve got to find something by the end of the day.”

So, on shoppers, on buyers let’s head to the mall. Then dash away, dash away, dash away all.


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