Wintry weather sweeps Texas, U.S.

DALLAS, TX – There’s a massive arctic air mass sweeping the nation. You can call this freak of a storm, Ice-pocalypse.

Its latest victims are our neighbors to the north, Dallas-Fort Worth.

Icy roads turned deadly as a man was found dead in a truck that went into an icy lake.

“According to witness statements, the truck–it was a pickup truck– hit the Lewisville bridge, hit the ice, spun, went up over the guard rail and went straight into the water,” said Sgt. Lonny Haschel with the Texas Highway Patrol.

At area airports, airlines aren’t taking chances. Thousands of flights are grounded as airlines wait for the ice to melt.

“They’re in Indiana and I’m from Sydney. I’m trying to make it back to see them with my children. We’ll get there eventually. We’ll get there by Christmas,” said one passenger at DFW Airport.

Unfortunately, the National Weather Service says the wintry mix hitting North Texas will hit the East Coast by Sunday. But, hopefully those folks are ready for the punch.


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